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Jennifer Lewis

The Democratic candidate running to replace Congressman Bob Goodlatte says the representative should not be judged for his son’s political affiliation. WFIR’s Lillian Boyd spoke with Jennifer Lewis amid Bobby Goodlatte’s recent donation to her campaign.

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Lewis says she first learned the son of Bob Goodlatte donated to her campaign when he tweeted his support. A Twitter account apparently run by Bobby Goodlatte posted he had made the maximum donation of $2,700 to Lewis’s campaign for the 6th District seat. Lewis says she’s thankful for the support, and she understands firsthand what it’s like to disagree with a relative’s politics.

“We’re all raised a certain way and once we get of that age to spread our own wings and figure our own way into the world, we often disagree with our parents. Personally, my dad voted for Trump and here I am running for Congress as a progressive Democrat,” Lewis said.

She faces Republican Ben Cline in November. As of last month, Cline had a $100,000-dollar fundraising lead over Lewis. Click below for the full interview with Lewis.

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The expanded Virginia Western culinary arts program building on Henry Street is getting ready for the new semester starting August 20th. Its tripled the footprint and now features several state of the art working “labs” for culinary students. James Zeisler runs the program and says the expansion has been needed for a decade. “Chef Z” also says a ribbon cutting is planned for September 12th, with several other opening celebrations in the works as well.

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Beth Macy’s book about the opioid crisis was released today – the former Roanoke Times investigative reporter includes many local sources in “Dopesick – Dealers, Doctors and the Dug Company that Addicted America” – including Nancy Hans with the Prevention Council of Roanoke County.  (Beth Macy joins us live in studio next Monday morning at 8-45 to discuss “Dopesick.”) Hans was in northern Virginia today to pick up an award for the local Heroin Task Force the Prevention Council is a part of.

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