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No advertising opportunity in the Roanoke Valley can match the investment at WFIR!

WFIR listeners are FOCUSED on their favorite news and talk shows-and they’re focused on your message when you advertise with the Roanoke Valley’s local news and weather station.

Our listeners are emotional about their favorite radio station. They are successful and engaged in their local community, and your business WINS BIG when you line up with America’s biggest talk radio stars!

Look at the kind of audience you invite into your business:

  • WFIR listeners are more that 3 times likely as Market Average in having household incomes of $150,000 or more.
  • 60% have some College or more.
  • 83% are married
  • 94% own their own Home!

Source:  Arbitron, Scarborough, Feb 09 – Jan 10, Roanoke-Lynchburg DMA, Adults 18+, Mon-Sun 6A-12MID, 2/10


So… which great WFIR program do you want to be a part of?!

Pick from local news and weather and breaking FOX News reports during the Roanoke Valley’s Morning News.

Try compelling talk shows like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Or how about targeted programs like “In the Garden” with Andre Viette or the computer pro Kim Komando?

For information, contact WFIR Director of Sales Nadra Scott. E-mail using the form below or call 540-345-1511.

Be a part of the local information and the Roanoke Valley’s top talkers!


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