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roanoke farmers' marketFarmers’ Markets in the region are seeing a resurgence in customers. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports shopping at a farmers’ market is not only good for YOUR health, it’s good for the local economy.

If you want to know where your food comes from then there’s no better place to shop than a farmers’ market. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports it’s good for your health, the local economy and the environment.

Jamie Clark Freedom First

Its been a nationwide trend and now its arrived at another local financial institution: the end of no-strings-attached free checking accounts. Instead Freedom First will offer “perks” to those customers who may now have to pay a monthly fee. WFIR’s Gene Marrano has that story:


Attention moms The 2024 Women’s Resource Summit — Motherhood in Bloom — is June 8th. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports the conference is part education, part community and part inspiration.

Huddle Up Moms’ annual women’s summit is coming up in June. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports the event brings together women from all walks of life.

Huddle up Moms

Motherhood in Bloom

The Advancement Foundation’s Gaunlet competition just wrapped up it’s 10th anniverary competition. WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno tells us part of the celebration is a new offering called Virginia’s 200.

The Advancement Foundation is fresh off its 10 anniversay Gauntlet Business Competition. After handing out the awards last week they announced a new program to help Virginia businesses thrive. WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno has more.


The Restoring Greatness Capital Campaign is in its public phase. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports the monies raised go to Melrose Plaza’s reinvention.

Goodwill is hoping the community will get involved to help make a project to revitalize Northwest Roanoke a reality. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports they are halfway to their fundraising goals.


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