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Even though there is a cease fire in Israel’s war against Hamas, a Virginia Tech Foreign Policy expert says at this point Israel doesn’t appear to have a plan for what comes next. WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno explains.

As hostages are being released in the Israel-Hamas conflict, the international community continues to call for a future that includes two states. A middle-east expert says three things need to happen to make that a reality. WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports.


Lewis Gale Medical Center marked the opening of their neonatal intensive care unit. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports it’s the culmination of a 13 year journey.


Babies in need of extra attention will now be able to stay with their mothers at Lewis Gale Medical Center. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports the Salem hospital opened its new neonatal intensive care unit today.