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Roanoke City Council has just filled the seat vacated by John Garland recently with Trish White-Boyd, who finished 47 votes behind Garland for the third seat on Council in 2016. State law required that seat to be filled within 30 days of Garland’s January 2nd resignation. Retired city worker Bob Clement, 2018 Democratic primary candidate for Congress Peter Volosin and previous council candidates Robert Jeffrey Jr., Grover Price and Trish White-Boyd had also applied for the seat.  The vote to confirm the business owner and Democratic party activist was unanimous, although councilwoman Michelle Davis objected to the selection process before the vote.

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Salem City Council has voted to seek the resignation of city manager Kevin Boggess. Council voted 3-2 to accept that resignation during a closed session at last night’s meeting. One of those votes for resignation came from newcomer John Saunders. During a candidate’s debate last spring he said all was not well in the City of Salem. It’s not clear why Saunders voted to seek Boggess’s resignation last night. At that debate last spring, Saunders also criticized the condition of sports facilities in Salem. He had just retired as director of the Salem Civic Center complex. Saunders also said then redevelopment in the city needed to happen in places other than the downtown corridor.

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