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Roanoke County Public Schools is planning a new career and technical education center. The new school needs a name and that’s where you come in, WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno explains.


Construction on the new school replacing the Burton Center for Arts and Technology will start this summer. The process of naming it has already begun. As WFIR’s Denise Allen Membreno reports you have until Friday to turn in your suggestion to Roanoke County Public Schools.


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They’re calling it Suites by T-lot! Short-term affordable housing for those needing shelter. The grand opening at the former Apple Valley Motel on Franklin Road was today. Guests are required to pay an affordable rate. The 19 rooms at Suites by T-lot! are each fully furnished with a refrigerator, microwave, television, a private bathroom and other amenities. The Least of These Ministries will also offer a shuttle three days a week to downtown Roanoke for guests that need transportation. Dawn Sandoval founded The Least of These Ministries, which has its headquarters in downtown Roanoke:

This weekend at Our Lady of Nazareth Church in Southwest Roanoke County, the play “Song of Mark,” from the Logos Theatricus troupe will be staged. Admission is free but donations will be accepted for the local non-profit NoBounds. For more on No Bounds and its mission, here is WFIR’s Gene Marrano, “In Depth.”