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A 2018 update of the first “Outdoor Benchmark Analysis” in 2012 that compared the Roanoke region to “peer outdoor communities” like Boulder Colorado, Asheville and Chattanooga has been released. It shows the Roanoke region gained in some categories, dropped back in a few others and was stable elsewhere. The new Outdoor Benchmark Analysis looks at miles of greenway, running events, outdoor employment and a host of other reference points. The Roanoke Regional Partnership will share the report with organizations like Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge, where Landon Howard is the president:

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See link to full report below:




By the fall semester Jefferson College of Health Sciences in downtown Roanoke should officially be Radford University Carilion. The state approval is in place and now the final word on accreditation for the new entity should come by June. Brian Hemphill is the president of Radford University. This morning Hemphill joined leaders at Jefferson College and Carilion when a logo for the new school was unveiled. The final commencement for Jefferson College of Health Sciences takes place next Friday.

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Del. Sam Rasoul

The Governor’s office just announced a new regulation that aims to reduce and cap carbon emissions from power-producing plants. A local Roanoke delegate is all for it. WFIR’s Gene Marrano spoke with Sam Rasoul this morning:

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Click below to hear an extended conversation with Delegate Sam Rasoul on the recent General Asembly sessions:

4-22 Sam Rasoul

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