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Roanoke City Council received its annual update this afternoon from Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge about the latest efforts to attract more attention to the region. VBR President Landon Howard says that includes a “Blogger’s Summit” this fall. Howard also talked about a Phase 2 Marketing Plan to attract more visitors from the mid-Atlantic region – and the proposed Wayfinding program that includes more signage directing visitors to local attractions.

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The B-52’s tonight aren’t the only notable performers in town. Blues-rock guitarist and Grammy winner Paul Nelson has played with the likes of Eric Clapton,Vince Gill, Buddy Guy and Joe Walsh. Tomorrow night Paul Nelson and his band are in concert at the very cozy Blue 5 Restaurant in downtown Roanoke.Nelson is touring in support of his new album. His Blue 5 appearance begins tomorrow night at 9:30.

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Judging from our on-line traffic numbers today there is plenty of interest in the flap about the Southwest Virginia Wildlife Center in Roanoke County – and whether it is zoned properly. Neighbor Stan Seymour claimed on WFIR yesterday it is not – but Wildlife Center director Sabrina Garvin said today that’s not true. Garvin says the Wildlife Center is NOT a boarding facility as Seymour has claimed – saying no one is permitted to keep pets there for a fee. Seymour – a local Bojangles franchise owner – claimed that was also a zoning violation. Seymour is also opposed to the location Garvin has proposed near his property line for a new “raptor house;” that issue goes in front of the Planning Commission.

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