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  • (from Wason Center at Christopher Newport University poll released today)
  • A plurality of Virginians think the Commonwealth is headed in the right direction (45% to 37%), while 50% approve of the job Governor Youngkin is doing. Still, Virginians prefer that the Governor not run for president (59% to 29%).
  • Virginians are pessimistic about the direction of the country (19% right direction to 73% wrong direction); dissatisfaction is reflected in Biden’s approval rating (38% approve to 57% disapprove)
  •  Virginia voters support recreational marijuana sales (60%) and allowing any interested localities to host casinos should their residents approve one in a referendum (55%).
  •  Virginia voters strongly support staying in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (66%) and support the Virginia Clean Economy Act (62% to 33%).
  • 41% of Virginians Give Their Local Public Schools an “A” or “B” Grade; Only 13% Grade National Public Schools that High.
  • Virginia voters also show support for requiring parental approval for K-12 students to be referred to by a different pronoun from their birth certificate (59% to 36%).
  • Virginians would prefer to keep state abortion laws as is (43%) compared to 29% who would prefer less restrictive laws and 23% who want more restrictive laws on abortion.
  • A plurality of Virginia voters support lowering Virginia’s individual income tax rate (48% to 43%), but Virginians oppose a cut to Virginia’s corporate income tax rate (57% to 37%).

Richmond, VA – Governor Glenn Youngkin today hailed the passage of his tax relief proposals, HB 2138 and 2319, in the House of Delegates which will provide savings to Virginia families and local businesses. The legislation will now head to the Virginia Senate for consideration.

“Virginians are still overtaxed, they deserve to keep more of their hard-earned paychecks and today’s significant move by the House of Delegates means Virginians are one step closer to additional relief,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin. “The reductions in individual income tax mean 86% of taxpaying Virginians will enjoy the benefits of a lower top tax rate and an additional 14,000 Virginians will pay no state income taxes. The reduction of tax rates for business will result in lower taxes for approximately 475,000 resident small business owners and local businesses across the Commonwealth. Reinvigorating Virginia’s tax structure will help make the Commonwealth competitive with other states so that we can compete to win. We proved last year, when Republicans and Democrats passed our $4 billion tax relief package for Virginians, tax cuts don’t have to be a partisan issue.”

Rep. Morgan Griffith

“Cleaner” legislation and a century-old rule back in place as a budget cutting tool. Both were concessions a local Republican Congressman says he and fellow Freedom Caucus members wanted in place before voting “yes” for Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House last week. Morgan Griffith spoke with WFIR’s Gene Marrano this week:

Democratic lawmakers in Richmond say Governor Youngkin can make all the budget proposals he wants, but there are stark differences on how much of Virginia’s budget surplus should be spent — and how much should go into tax cuts. The Youngkin administration is forecasting a $3.6 billion budget surplus for the current fiscal year, and the governor proposes $1 billion in personal and corporate tax cuts. More from WFIR’s Evan Jones:

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