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Rep. Morgan Griffith

Republican Congressman Morgan Griffith says while he would have to see the details before voting, he is very much behind President Trump’s proposal for another 10 per cent tax cut for the middle class. Critics say the proposal shows the cuts enacted last year disproportionately benefit wealthier Americans, but Griffith says it is simply a follow-up to an enormously successful action:

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Griffith spoke live this morning on WFIR on subjects ranging from the minimum wage to his Washington sleeping quarters — his office couch. Here is the entire conversation:

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We will speak with Democratic challenger Anthony Flaccavento next week.

Carter Turner/FB photo

You will have a hard time finding the word “Democrat” on Carter Turner’s website, and that reflects the approach is is taking to win the special election for the 8th House of Delegates District. Turner says he will bring a pragmatic approach to Richmond that stresses effective state government, one that can get things done — like widening I-81, bringing broadband access to the entire district and reversing Virginia’s opioid epidemic. WFIR’s Evan Jones has today’s campaign profile:

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We will hear from Republican candidate Joe McNamara in one week.

Senator Tim Kaine continues to hold a comfortable lead in all statewide polls, and that helps him campaign for something else in next month’s elections — control of the House of Representatives. His campaign is running ads aimed at black and Hispanic voters as part of the effort to boost turnout in several Virginia Congressional districts Democrats hope to flip this year. WFIR’s Evan Jones has the story:

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Photo: Denver Riggleman Facebook

5th District Republican Congressional candidate Denver Riggleman generally in lock-step on many issues with President Trump – like border security and tax cuts – but speaking live on-air this morning the distillery owner says he would beg to differ if neccessary. Riggleman said he WOULD stop the arms package sale to Saudi Arabia is there is evidence the Royal Family was involved with the suspected murder of journalist Jamaal Kashoggi. Hear the complete conversation with Denver Riggleman below.

10-19 Denver Riggleman

Photo: Corey Stewart Facebook

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Corey Stewart said “absolutely not” when asked live on air this morning if the Trump Administration should hold up that 110-billion dollar arms sale to Saudia Arabia – if it turns out the Royal family had ties to the suspected murder of journalist and Virginia resident Jamaal Kashoggi. There’s an economic equation to consider as well says Stewart. He also says the Saudis can get those weapons from other major arms suppliers anyway. Hear the complete conversation from this morning with GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart on the WFIR news website below:

10-18 Corey Stewart live


White House photo

(ABC News) Donald Trump’s job approval rating advanced to its second-highest of his career in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, but not by enough to erase a double-digit Democratic lead in midterm  election vote preferences.

Boosted by comparatively strong ratings on the economy, Trump has 41 percent approval for his work in office overall, up from 36 percent in late August. Still, 54 percent disapprove – a problem for the Republican Party given that most potential voters say they’re looking for candidates who share their opinion of the president

Democratic candidates for the House lead Republicans by 11 percentage points among registered voters, 53-42 percent. That holds among likely voters across a range of turnout scenarios, with 12- to 14-point Democratic leads. It’s difficult for Democrats to hold their vote share in the shift from registered to likely voters, especially in midterms– a testament to Democratic motivation this year.