Photo: Todd Gilbert Twitter

Opponents of Governor Northam were quick to condemn the latest round of COVID restrictions, which they called draconian. WFIR’s Clark Palmer has that story:

STATEMENT from House of Delegates Minority Leader Todd Gilbert: “Once again, the Governor has introduced draconian new restrictions, but failed to articulate to Virginians how they will stop the spread of COVID. For example, how will a blatantly unconstitutional curfew — which will no doubt create resistance —  help save lives? Is COVID spreading at late-night gatherings?” Gilbert said. “Governor Northam must first and foremost follow the Constitution, and he must tell Virginians how these rules will fight COVID. Virginians aren’t dumb. If the Governor gives them the information, I have no doubt that Virginians will act on it in a responsible manner. But ‘trust me’ is no longer good enough.”