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The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection in Roanoke says it has reached full capacity for cats and kittens. There are 58 currently available for adoption. By law, the shelter must take in newer strays that are brought in – and if they are full, that increases the chances that cats already there must be put down.

NEWS RELEASE: The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection has reached capacity for cats and kittens. We currently have 58 cats/kittens available for adoption and must have room for the cats/kittens that are continuously coming in. If you would like to open your home to a friendly , vetted homeless cat or kitten, please come to the shelter located at 1510 Baldwin Avenue, NE soon to give these animals a second chance at finding their forever families. We are an open intake shelter and, as such, cannot turn any stray animal away. We must have room for the stray animals that arrive daily. This situation puts our owner released animals that are in the vetting process and healthy, available cats/kittens at risk so that room is available for the cats that legally must have shelter.

Additionally, we have several sets of litters and single kittens that need fosters which will also make space in the cat kennels and provide an outlet to the kittens that are being housed in the shelter. If you are interested in adopting a cat/kitten, please visit us so that kennel space will be available for the cats that have been owner relinquished and the unclaimed strays that are waiting on vetting to be made available.
In addition, if you are considering relinquishing your cat, please talk to us about options to keep your cat in a loving home.  Again, the cats/kittens that are available for adoption are friendly and vetted and ready for forever homes.
The RCACP is your local, tax-funded intake shelter. Cats that are brought into the shelter must be kept by law for the required stray hold time, which is either 5 or 10 days depending on the information that is brought in with the animal. If you are missing your pet, now is the time to come to the shelter to ensure that your pet is safely reunited with you. Owner-released animals are not subject to the 5 or 10 day hold. The animals at RCACP are our community animals that need the community to help them. Please show your support by claiming your lost pet , fostering, or adopting those animals that are available.