(from Roanoke County PD)  Friday, April 8, 2022 — Following the completion of the investigation by the Roanoke County Police Department, the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office conducted an independent review to determine if the use of force was legally justified or not. Roanoke County Commonwealth’s Attorney Brian Holohan has completed his review of the November 26, 2021 officer-involved shooting and notified the Chief of Police of his findings.

“I have thoroughly reviewed the facts and evidence of this case,” said Holohan. “I find that the police officer’s fear of death or serious injury at the hands of Mr. Smith was reasonable under the circumstances and, therefore, pursuant to the criminal laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia governing the use of deadly force, the police officer’s use of deadly force was justified.” “We appreciate the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s independent review of the investigation,” said Chief Howard Hall. “A separate administrative investigation into the use of force was conducted by the Police Department’s Professional Standards Unit and found that the officer had complied with policy,” added Hall.

INITIAL NEWS RELEASE Saturday, November 27, 2021 — At approximately 7:00 p.m. Friday, November 26, officers responded
in the 4900 block of Lantern Street (North Lakes area) in reference to a domestic dispute with weapon. While on-scene, officers set up a perimeter and made multiple attempts to communicate with a male subject inside the residence. He was non-compliant. At one point, the male unexpectedly exited the residence, engaged with an officer and two shots were fired. The male was fatally wounded. He is identified as Shawn Alan Smith, 52, of Roanoke County. The officer was not injured. Per department policy, the officer was placed on administrative leave pending the investigation.