Riley Gaines FB photo

Some members of the Roanoke College women’s swim team say the college ignored their concerns about a transgender woman potentially joining the team. WFIR’s Clark Palmer has details.


Members of the Roanoke College women’s swim team were joined on stage at Hotel Roanoke today by Riley Gaines, a 12-time NCAA all-American swimmer who has spoken out against the inclusion of trans-women in women’s sports. The issue: a biological man – who had been on the men’s squad – who is now transgender had planned to join the women’s swim team – allowed as per current NCAA policy.

A Roanoke College swimmer said not “one single member” of the Roanoke College staff asked them how they felt about the addition of a biological transgender man to the team this fall. Members of the Virginia Harm Reduction Coalition who support transgender athletes were also present but did not protest or speak out. At least one of the Maroons swimmers said she considered quitting the team.  A Roanoke College spokesperson now says that request to join the women’s team has now been withdrawn. Riley Gaines led off at the podium: