From Press Release: The Business Leadership Fund (BLF), a political action committee representing the regional business community, is pleased to announce its endorsement of the following Roanoke City Council and Salem City Council candidates:

Roanoke City Council

Councilman Ray Ferris

Councilman Bill Bestpitch

Mr. Joe Cobb

Salem City Council

Mayor Randy Foley

After hosting interviews with candidates in both localities, the BLF voted to endorse Foley, Ferris, Bestpitch, and Cobb as representatives of the PAC’s pro-business, pro-economic development, and pro-regionalism platform.

“The Business Leadership Fund’s support for Ferris, Bestpitch, and Cobb fosters a unique blend of experience and fresh ideas that will help build on Roanoke’s momentum and recent successes,” said Chairman Rick James. “In Salem, the BLF voted to endorse incumbent Randy Foley for Council. We strongly believe Mayor Foley’s proven leadership and vision for Salem, including the Downtown Plan, will continue to strengthen the city’s economic climate and make it an even better place to call home.”

BLF Board of Directors

Vickie Bibee, Abney Boxley, T. Joseph Crawford, John D’Orazio, Edwin C. Hall, Dr. Victor Iannello, Rick James, Stan Lanford, Robert C. Lawson, Mark Lawrence, G. Michael Pace, Bittle W. Porterfield, Ken Randolph, Bob Sells, Cynthia Shelor, W. Lee Wilhelm, Neil Wilkin, Barton J. Wilner