If you’d like to donate to help those affected by Hurricane Ian we have links to several local organizations that are responding as well as links to some resources based in hard-hit areas.

Gleaning for the World is based in our region. They are responding to those suffering from destruction, power losses, and those having difficulty reaching much-needed supplies like water, food, and other basic supplies. CLICK HERE to donate to Gleaning for the World

God’s Pit Crew — out of Danville — is committed to providing as much relief to those that will be affected by Hurricane Ian. They have items they can use if you are willing to help purchase some of them. CLICK HERE to donate to God’s Pit Crew or to learn more.

Feeding Florida is a network of the national food bank nonprofit Feeding America. The organization is coordinating with food banks across the state to provide food to victims of the hurricane.  CLICK HERE to donate to Feeding Florida.

Farm Share is a Florida nonprofit that sources leftover fruits and vegetables from farms and distributes them to people across the state. The organization said it was sending truckloads of food and supplies to Floridians. CLICK HERE to donate to Farm Share.

Florida’s official disaster relief fund coordinates aid across governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the state. CLICK HERE to donate to Volunteer Florida. 

Save the Children’s Emergency Response Team is preparing to meet the most urgent needs of children and families living in the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Ian. CLIKC HERE to donate to Save the Children.

World Central Kitchen and local partners will be supporting impacted communities across Florida with fresh, hot meals. CLICK HERE to donate to World Central Kitchen.