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Roanoke Police say no charges will be placed against the man who took bike racks from a Kimball Avenue storage facility Saturday – racks intended for a bike-sharing program. The man — who did not give us his name — told us yesterday they were located in an unsecured location where items are often left for others to take at will, and once he learned the equipment’s intended purpose, he immediately took steps to return it.

From Roanoke City Police: The bike racks taken from the storage facility in the 800 block of Kimball Avenue on Saturday were returned Wednesday afternoon. The individual in the pictures returned the bike racks and is cooperating with the investigation. The individual told detectives he has an agreement with the storage facility owners to take the wooden palettes at the building. The individual said that the removal of the bike racks was a misunderstanding, as he thought they were being thrown out also given their location on the dock. The owner of the bike racks said that since the racks were returned, they do not wish to press charges. No charges will be placed.