UPDATE from Roanoke County Police: All lanes of Jae Valley Rd (St. Rt. 116) are back open to traffic at this time. Thanks to the motoring public for their patience while we got this cleared up.

PREVIOUS: It happened again today: a truck accident on a Roanoke County roadway where large trucks are prohibited. It’s Route 116, Jae Valley Road, south of Mt. Pleasant — a very hilly and winding stretch of roadway in the Windy Gap area. The state erected big signs several years ago warning truckers they were not permitted to drive on it, but it keeps on happening anyway, and it did again today. VDOT officials say one frequent reason is that some truckers use standard GPS devices, not ones that specifically help them avoid roadways where big rigs are prohibited.  This time, as frequently has occurred before, a big rig ran into a ditch on a tight turn near the Back Creek bridge.