The Commonwealth Transportation Board has awarded a contract to replace the US 220 bridge south of Clearbrook over Back Creek. It’s near the intersection with Crowell Gap Road. The project will cost about $13 million, and it is expected to be completed by the spring of 2020.

From VDOT: The Commonwealth Transportation Board at its September 20 meeting in Reston awarded a contract worth approximately $13.1 million to Charlottesville-based contractor Fielder’s Choice Enterprises for a project to replace the Route 220 bridge over Back Creek in Roanoke County.  Construction on the replacement bridge is expected to begin in fall 2017 and be completed in spring 2020. The bridge is located about 0.2 miles south of Route 220’s intersection with Route 657 (Crowell Gap Road) and approximately six miles north of Boones Mill. The existing four-lane bridge was built in 1947 and has minimal shoulder width.  The new bridge will be wider with a six-foot inside shoulder and a 10-foot outside shoulder.  The project also includes earthwork to improve the sight distance at Route 220’s intersection with Crowell Gap Road. During construction, two narrowed traffic lanes are expected to remain open on Route 220 in each direction with additional lane closures possible during nighttime hours.