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Police say an off-duty Franklin County sheriff’s deputy yesterday shot and killed his ex-wife and injured a pursuing state trooper before state police shot and critically injured him.  Police say it started about 11:30 a.m. at the Sheetz parking lot near the Roanoke Civic Center, when 32-year-old deputy Jonathan Agee shot and killed his ex-wife Jennifer. Police say Agee drove off in his marked Franklin County cruiser and shot a pursuing state trooper on I-81 before other troopers shot him at the Ironto exit. Agee’s injuries are said to be life threatening.  Police say the trooper he shot, 35-year-old Sgt. Matt Brannock, is expected to recover from a leg wound. The incident closed a segment of I-81 northbound yesterday, backing up Memorial Day holiday travelers for miles.

Roanoke Police brought a high-tech camera to the site of yesterday’s fatal shooting that started the whole series of events. They used it to record the scene just as they found it– in great detail.   News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones reports it helps investigators look closely at a crime scene long after they’ve left.

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