Many cities and counties in the region have built disk golf courses as part of their parks and recreation facilities, but Bedford County in particular is using disk golf as a big tourism draw. There are five public disk golf courses across the county, and one of them is bringing in serious players from across the country.  The New London Tech course is on the Lynchburg side of Bedford County, designed for advanced and professional play, and it is drawing more than 100 pro disk golfers to a tournament there two weekends from now. The other four courses in the county are suitable for varying levels from beginner on up, and tourism officials say a main goal is to make them a starting point for visiting Bedford County. WFIR’s Evan Jones has more:

Bedford County will host the 4th Annual Battle for Bedford Disc Golf Tournament, a PDGA-sanctioned event, October 22 and 23. At last report,  almost 400 are registered, coming from about 20 different states and also Canada.

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