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RCPS Rendering

NEWS RELEASE: ROANOKE – Three interior construction workers at the Cave Spring High School project have tested positive for COVID-19.  As a result, the general contractor of the project, AVIS Construction, has paused all interior construction work for 14 days.  Work is expected to resume on May 11.  Exterior work, such as roofing, roof blocking, and site grading will continue.  Construction crews working on exterior tasks will be taking additional safety precautions including wearing masks and gloves.

“When we learned that some of the workers on site had tested positive for COVID-19, we immediately took action to shut down the interior portion of the project for 14 days.  We felt this was the most appropriate action to make sure workers are safe,” said Troy Smith, president of AVIS construction.

“None of the workers current working on exterior projects were exposed to interior workers, so we feel confident that exterior work can continue,” Smith added.

“We commend AVIS for their prompt action,” said Dr. Ken Nicely, Superintendent of Roanoke County Public Schools.  “We do not expect this delay to significantly impact the overall completion of the Cave Spring High School project,” Nicely said.