Photo: RoCo Fire & Rescue

UDPATE: The brush fire in the Havens Wildlife Management area is 100% contained this morning. Virginia Department of Forestry will remain on scene today to continue mopping up and it is possible to still see some smoke as they do that. Once containment lines were put in around the fire, the total size was 67 acres, including areas where back-burning operations took place. Most of that 67 acres that burned was in a pine grove that was planted in 2006. Overnight, 6 personnel from Roanoke County Fire & Rescue and 1 from the Department of Forestry remained on scene. At the height of the fire yesterday, approximately 80 firefighters and two bulldozers from the Department of Forestry were involved. Again, no structures were ever threatened and there were no injuries. We would like to express our appreciation to the Virginia Department of Forestry for their


Previous: Two Roanoke County units and two Virginia Department of Forestry units did stay on the scene of this fire overnight. However, the size of the force was greatly reduced around midnight. Currently, all Roanoke County units have cleared the scene and it has been turned over to the Virginia Department of Forestry. It is believed that the cause of the fire was accidental in nature and started by a vehicle from a work crew that was in the area.




Previous: Roanoke County, VA—March 29, 2022) Roanoke County Fire and Rescue responded at approximately 2:00 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29, 2022 to the 2500 block of Wildwood Road, in the Fort Lewis area, for the report of smoke near the power lines on the mountain. First arriving crews from Station 9 (Fort Lewis) found a brush fire under the power lines that was about 2 acres in size.

Currently, at approximately 5 p.m. the fire is at about 5 acres in size and is about 10% contained. The fire is described as slow moving and has died down since the initial report. At no time have any structures been threatened and there are also no injuries to report at this time. The Virginia Department of Forestry is on scene with personnel and two bulldozers to help cut containment lines around the fire. The fire is producing smoke and possibly flames that are visible from across the valley. Units will be on scene most of the night and possibly tomorrow as well to bring the fire completely under control. Units will also be conducting back-fire operations later tonight. Back-fire operations consist of setting, controlled fires to burn up fuel ahead of the fire.

It does not appear that the power lines caused the fire. Neither is the fire affecting the power lines at this time. We do ask the public to please avoid the area of the 2500 block of Wildwood Road as there are many firefighting resources in that area. Roanoke County currently has about 23 units including engines, tankers, brush trucks, drones, and utility vehicles from across the county. There are approximately 50 personnel committed to this fire. The Roanoke County Fire Marshal’s Office is on scene to investigate a cause.