A loaded tanker truck overturned into the Jackson River this morning, and officials downstream in Bath County are telling everyone to stay out of the river. The accident happened along US 220 between Warm Springs and Monterey, State Police and Hazmat crews are working the scene.
FROM BATH COUNTY FACEBOOK: There has been a major fuel spill in the Jackson River. Do not enter the Jackson River for any purpose including recreation, fishing, and livestock. This is an emergent situation and information is limited at this time. State and local officials have responded. Repeat: Do not enter the Jackson River for any purpose.
FROM VIRGINIA STATE POLICE: At 7:44 a.m. this morning, a tractor trailer hauling fuel overturned into the river.  The truck is hauling 9000 gallons of gasoline.  The crash occurred in the 8000 block of Jackson River Road in Highland County.
The driver was not injured.  A HAZMAT team is en route to the scene to assess the fuel leak.
The northbound lane of Route 220 will be shut down for 4 to 6 hours.

Google Maps street view of 8000 block Jackson River Road