A state lawmaker has filed a resolution to change a privilege in the state constitution that has received much attention this week. As the Christiansburg Police Department conducts an internal review of the handling of the traffic stop involving Democratic Delegate Chris Hurst, Republican State Senator Bryce Reeves, of Spotsylvania, filed a bill yesterday that would remove a provision in the state constitution granting lawmakers immunity from arrest during the General Assembly Session.

The resolution would replace wording in the provision which states, lawmakers will be exempt from arrest except in cases of treason,felony or breach of peace, during the session with- lawmakers will be exempt from arrest “except upon issuance of an arrest warrant by a judge with authorization of a Commonwealths attorney or police agency having jurisdiction during the sessions of the General Assembly.”

Reeves says the resolution is meant to restore and maintain the public’s trust in their elected officials. In a statement Hurst says while it is true lawmakers can’t be charged with crimes during the session, he does not agree he should be immune from prosecution when warranted,and he is not above the law.