Roanoke, VA (March 11, 2021) – Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia is pleased to provide the official results for its 2021 Roanoke Valley Gives Day, a 24-hour online effort to raise much needed funds for over 140 local nonprofits.

The Community Foundation had set an ambitious goal this year of securing $900,000 in new gifts for the participating charitable organizations. Last year, the one day event brought in $715,000, and over the five previous years Roanoke Valley Gives had produced $3.2 million in cumulative contributions.

With that background, the Community Foundation is thrilled to announce that its 2021 give day total is $1,148,668 significantly exceeding the $900,000 goal and being more than a 60% increase over 2020! Over 4,500 unique donors contributed from across the communities served by the Foundation and much farther afield.

Kaitlyn Van Buskirk, the Foundation’s Grants Associate who coordinated the day, noted: “We want to thank all of our Roanoke Valley Gives sponsors, especially our Platinum Sponsor, Davis H. Elliot, who play such a critical role in making the online giving day possible. We could not carry out this important day without your strong and enduring support. We further echo that sentiment with respect to the Community Foundation’s board and its unwavering commitment to community-building projects such as Roanoke Valley Gives.”

She further said: “We also want to thank the local nonprofits who put in many, many hours of diligent marketing and outreach to share their respective organization’s mission with the broader community of donors and who also found many creative ways to attract much-needed financial support through social and traditional media outlets. And of course, we must thank the many radio, television and print partners in their willingness to cover and promote the day.”

Alan Ronk, the Foundation’s CEO and President added: “Today demonstrated that serious events that distance ourselves from others can also be a rallying cry to come together in a marvelous way. We are humbled by the community’s generosity.”

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia is the community foundation serving this region. It has worked for over 30 years to administer and make grants from many hundreds of named endowment funds on behalf of the community. For more information, visit