Roanoke County PoliceOne woman is arrested and another is being sought for a recent series of purse snatchings. Roanoke County Police say they occurred at the Cave Spring Goodwill store, the Clearbrook Walmart and the Williamson Road Kroger. 52-year-old Sandra Coleman of Roanoke is charged with the thefts, but police say they have not yet identified the second suspect.

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From Roanoke County Police:
• Suspect Name(s): Sandra Davis Coleman
• Suspect Age: 52
• Suspect Residence Location: 501 Walnut Ave SE.
• Charges if Applicable: Grand Larceny 18.2- 95
• Arrests Information: The suspect was arrested and released on bond.
Additional charges are possible.
• Additional Remarks:
A series of purse snatchings have taken place in the last 2 days. Suspects are taking the purses from the cart or grabbing them out of the victim’s hand and then fleeing the scene. Sandra Coleman has been identifed as a suspect along with an unidentified black female. Coleman has been arrested. The black female has yet to be identified. She was described as wearing a pink wrap on her
head and wearing a leopard fur jacket. They appear to only be taking cash from the purses and then dumping them at a separate location. The possible connected incidents are listed below.
Goodwill Brambleton Ave 2/7/2016 12:50pm – Purse located in trash can at Shell Station at 3609 Plantation Rd Wal-Mart Clearbrook Village Ln 2/7/2016 1:40pm Kroger Williamson Rd 2/8/2016 11:29pm