UPDATE: From Bedford Police:The Bedford Police Department and the Town of Bedford want to thank everyone for your assistance. The Xylophone was recovered and hopefully the Town Public Works Department will be able to have it back at the park installed soon. After the Xylophone was recovered officers of the Bedford Police Department worked diligently and we’re able to make an arrest of the suspect. We will share more about the arrest.

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Police in Bedford are on the lookout for a stolen xylophone – and this one would be hard to miss. It’s a playground-sized xylophone, taken from the Bedford Town playground that opened just last year. Police ask anyone who has information to call them at (540) 587-6011.

Police say the xylophone is similar to this one

It was removed from its mount in the Bedford playground











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From Bedford Police: The Town of Bedford Police Department needs your assistance. The Town installed a playground with handicapped access in 2016. Yesterday the Bedford Police Department received a report that the Xylophone had been stolen from the playground.  Please help us locate who stole the property so we can get it back for the children who come to this playground. If you have any information about this incident please contact the Bedford Police Department at 540-587-6011.