( From Roanoke Stars Facebook Page)

Roanoke College is hosting an event this weekend that aims to end stigmas surrounding athletes with disabilities. WFIR’s Clark Palmer explains.


From Toy Like Me at Roanoke College:
Are you a parent planning on bringing your child to the 3×3 Wheelchair Basketball Tournament at Roanoke College on Saturday, April 9th? If your child needs a changing table to complete toiletries, we’ve got you covered.My Toy Like Me Officers have arranged to have the Athletic Training Room next to Bast Gym (where the Wheelchair Basketball Tournament will be held on Saturday) as a bathroom for individuals/ children with disabilities, so they can be toileted on the athletic tables instead of on the floors of bathrooms. There are padded tables and sinks in that room.  My Ladies want all of our guests to feel respected and included! Now families won’t have to worry or leave early, etc! Bathrooms can be obstacles for individuals with disabilities, with caregivers sometimes forced to place the individual on the Bathroom floor when an appropriate changing table is not available. Dignity and sanitary conditions are necessary.