Update 3pM: Charges are pending against a William Byrd High School student after a gun was found in a car, according to Roanoke County Police

Update from Roanoke County Public Schools at 9:55 am: The William Byrd campus is no longer in secure mode.  The school has resumed normal operations.  All after-school activities will take place as scheduled. A student left a weapon in a vehicle on the William Byrd campus.  As soon as other students learned of this, they alerted the school administration and the school resource officer. The Roanoke County Police Department quickly responded, secured the vehicle in question and began to investigate.  The police department determined there was no threat directed at the William Byrd campus. We commend the students who reported this to school administration and the SRO.  We also thank the Roanoke County Police department for their rapid response.  We remind students and parents to report any concerns to school administration or the police. Parents, please speak with your children about the importance of not bringing inappropriate items to school, either in backpacks or vehicles.

From Roanoke County Public Schools after 9:00 am 2/29/24: The William Byrd campus has been secured due to a police investigation on the campus.  Students and staff are safe and are continuing instruction inside.  Parents – please DO NOT come to the school currently – access is restricted. As we have updates we will keep you informed.