Photo: Laura Cooper

The yak that escaped his trailer on the way to a slaughterhouse 11 days ago was struck and killed today by a vehicle going along US 29 in Nelson County. “Meteor” was returned to Appalachian Yaks in Buckingham County and buried there. Searchers tried for a week and half to safely corral Meteor, who had already been promised a reprieve from the slaughterhouse.

APPALACHIAN YAKS FACEBOOK POST:  This morning we received a call that Meteor had been hit by an unidentified motorist and was severely injured. By the time we could reach the scene, he had succumbed to his injuries. Our greatest fears all along have revolved around his proximity to a major highway. We have spent untold hours searching the fields, forests, and mountains around the county, assisted by local authorities, veterinarians, and other community members, who gave their time and energy to try and help us bring Meteor home safely. Meteor has been brought home to our farm, and laid to rest in a private location. His spirit is now free and has taken flight.

Meteor’s story has brought a lot of attention to our farm and our family. We did not seek out this attention, which has been both positive and negative. To those who have taken the time to hear our story and engage us in constructive dialog, even where our opinions differ, we thank you. Being able to disagree, but do so civilly and without rancor, allows us to be our best selves, and in this time of pain and tragedy, it lifts our spirits.

At this time, we ask for privacy and understanding. It’s hard to say our lives will just go back to normal, but we must make the effort, especially for our children.