Vinton-WFIRFrom Vinton Police: On May 7, 2015, Vinton Animal Control was contacted by the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection, regarding a stray dog that was at their facility. The dog had previously been micro chipped, and it was determined that it belonged to an individual who resides in Euharlee, GA. Individuals from the Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection, and the Vinton Police Dept. have been in contact with the owner, who will be traveling to Roanoke to be reunited with their dog. The police department is trying to determine how the dog made its way to Vinton from Georgia. The dog is a 9 month old Terrier named “Batman” and belongs to a man who reportedly lives in a homeless camp in the area of Euharlee, GA. Apparently other people in this Georgia community also help take care of the animal, transporting it for vet visits and helping financially with its care. Batman seems to be a community animal and a companion to this homeless gentleman.