The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a series of events occurring early Saturday morning at Lago Pizza in Moneta. The first incident happened at approximately midnight resulted in Clinton Minter, age 28 of Bedford, being charged with the robbery of Shamanique Peter Mickle, age 44 of Roanoke.Approximately two and a half hours later it is alleged that Mickle returned to Lago Pizza. Subsequently a confrontation occurred between Mickle and James Sipos, age 49 of Huddleston. Sipos was killed during this incident.

Clinton Minter has been charged with the following:

18.2-58: Robbery of Shamanique Mickle of monies by using physical force resulting in serious injury


Shamanique Peter Mickle has been charged with the following:
18.2-32: 2nd degree murder of James Sipos
18.2-53.1: Use of a firearm to commit murder
18.2-308.2: Knowingly and intentionally possess a firearm after having been convicted of a felony.

Shamanique Peter Mickle

Clinton Minter