In a Facebook post The Village Grill in Grandin Village reports today that they have shut down temporarily after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. The employee last worked on Sunday – and all workers are wearing masks. Ownership says they will wait for medical clearance before reopening.

(from Facebook post) So these are the kinds of announcements we get to make these days … we’ve had a member of the Village Grill staff test positive for COVID-19. The employee is asymptomatic and the positive test came from a test kit obtained from CVS. Others who have come in contact took a similar test that came back negative. Out of an abundance of caution we will be closing the Grill and having those in contact get tested by a medical professional for a secondary result. When we receive medical clearance to safely re-open, we will do so.

We apologize for the inconvenience and apologize for abruptly closing for part of the day yesterday. We simply needed to figure out how to best proceed and what information to convey both professionally for the business and personally for the employees. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of the community and will keep you posted as to our next step. Stay safe all!
Additional information: To answer some questions … this employee last worked on Sunday (7/5). No other employee has tested positive that we are aware of at this time. All employees were wearing masks. Given the unknown accuracy of many COVID tests, we are having individuals take a second test thru a medical professional.