Total Action for Progress President & CEO Annette Lewis says in a statement released today that the Dumas Hotel Legacy group that wanted to purchase the iconic Henry Street property from TAP for use as a community center “was unable to meet conditions to closing by the date expressly set out in the contract.” Lewis says the DHL was given another chance to satisfy terms of the agreement at a later date but could not do so then either. TAP has now pulled the Dumas property off the market.

(From TAP statement): As per the date of the September 29, 2018 press release, TAP neither has a contract on the Dumas nor is presently negotiating with anyone concerning the sale of the Dumas.  TAP continues to be the sole owner and operator and will continue to evaluate all of its options.  If TAP decides to sell the Dumas in the future, TAP will welcome discussions with all interested parties.  TAP will continue to rent and lease space to the community at large, which includes the Roanoke Valley and beyond.  We will continue to be a good neighbor and maintain a quality facility that honors the rich history of the historic property.