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New regulations governing most Virginia clinics offering abortions should take effect within nine months. Governor McDonnell signed the bill this week to regulate them the same as hospitals. The likely local impact from News/Talk 960’s Evan Jones.

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The regulations could include staffing and equipment rules that could easily effect the cost of providing abortions. They could also include things like hallway and door width, and many clinics may be in buildings that would not meet those specs. The Roanoke Planned Parenthood clinic was built to outpatient surgical standards, so it is more likely than many other centers meet any new regulations that are developed.

Planned Parenthood Vice President David Nova says  no matter what happens with the regulations,  the Roanoke clinic will remain open, providing women’s reproductive health care services that make up 97% of its activity.

Health department staffers will write draft regulations for the state Board of Health to consider in September, and the new regulations governing clinics offering abortions should be in place by January first.