The Roanoke Valley is seeing flooding this morning from the rains yesterday and overnight.  Streams are overflowing and the Roanoke River is rising. The flood stage at Walnut Avenue is 10 feet, and the river will be cresting well above that.

Roanoke and Salem deployed swift water rescue teams to help stranded motorists. The high water covered and closed a number of streets, and authorities warn motorist not to drive on roads that are covered by water, and to respect police barricades.

Among the many streets flooded: Peters Creek Road between Cove Road and Melrose Avenue. Water and mudslides closed Route 221 near Bent Mountain Elementary School in Roanoke County. Salem was seeing high water along Mason’s Creek, on Thompson Memorial Drive and at the Riverwalk Apartments. Flooding extends beyond the Roanoke Valley to surrounding counties, where high water and downed trees are blocking a number of roads. There were also a few hundred power outages reported in Roanoke and Montgomery counties.