Roanoke-PoliceFrom Roanoke City Police: On September 4th, 2014 at 11:12 p.m. Officers from the Roanoke Police Department responded to a third party call for a domestic dispute at 801 Hartsook Blvd. S.E. Officers were aware of a previous history at this address and the individual involved was known to have a documented history of substance abuse and mental issues. The caller, who was not at the residence, advised that the female in the home had been physically assaulted by her boyfriend named “Andrew” in the residence and that the female was not answering her phone. Upon arrival, officers first encountered the female individual alleged to have been the victim in the domestic dispute. The female at the residence advised the officers that the argument was not physical and that Graninger had been drinking alcohol. She directed officers to a male individual, Andrew Lee Graninger, age 22, who lived at the residence. Officers noticed that Graninger appeared intoxicated, but he remained inside the residence during the initial encounter.

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During the course of the investigation, officers determined that no probable cause existed to place criminal charges as no evidence of an assault was found. However, Graninger agreed to voluntarily go to the hospital to seek treatment for his personal issues. Officers agreed to provide him transportation to the hospital. Throughout the incident, Graninger would be very cooperative then display signs of anger or confusion. Due to his initial cooperation, the fact that he clearly stated he was not a threat to himself, and his desire to seek medical assistance, Graninger was treated as a person seeking voluntary assistance from the officers. He was not considered a suspect in custody. Graninger was able to open the vehicle door and retrieve a firearm just as officers approached him, prompting the officers to draw their firearms and order Graninger to drop his weapon. Graninger then pointed the firearm at his own head and began walking toward two officers and refused to follow the officers’ commands. Graninger then moved the firearm from his head in the direction of the officers as he continued to advance when one officer, already positioned outside the home, fired his service weapon at Graninger. Graninger was not struck by the gunfire but he did drop his weapon and was taken into custody. Graninger was ultimately transported to the hospital for mental evaluation. The officer has been placed on administrative leave, which is departmental policy, pending the criminal and administrative investigations into the matter.