From Roanoke City Police: Earlier this week, some of our outstanding animal wardens worked together with Sergeant Lovell to save Baby! Only this Baby won’t fit in a crib, Baby is a 7-year-old horse who managed to get beyond her pasture earlier this week in the 1600 block of Imlay Avenue SE in the Garden City neighborhood. In Baby’s newfound freedom, it never crossed her mind that she might accidentally walk straight into her family’s swimming pool, but that’s exactly what happened. When Animal Warden Mitchell got there, one of Baby’s family members was literally holding her head above water so that she wouldn’t drown. Baby was tangled up in the pool cover. Animal Warden Mitchell immediately got to work cutting the pool cover and untangling Baby from this very dangerous situation. Sergeant Lovell then led Baby up to the shallow end of the pool. He walked her up the pool steps and out of danger. Baby’s vet came by to check on her and said she was fine! It was great teamwork by everybody on scene to help save Baby!