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Roanoke County Police report 70 residential burglaries since late August, about double the number reported over the same period one year ago. Police say the burglaries have occurred throughout the county but are concentrated along the Electric Road corridor, especially in neighborhoods near Tanglewood Mall and Brambleton Road. Police say most have occurred during the daytime, and in many cases, the burglars knock out glass in a back door to break in.

Here is the full Roanoke County Police news release:

Roanoke County Reports an Increase in Residential Burglaries

Citizens asked to call 911 immediately if they see anything suspicious

ROANOKE COUNTY, VA (October 24, 2011) – The Roanoke County Police Department is asking citizens to be vigilant and contact 911 if they see anything suspicious following an increase in residential burglaries. Since late August, there have been 70 home break-ins reported to police – that’s double the number reported to authorities during the same time one year ago.

The crimes have occurred throughout the County; however, neighborhoods in south Roanoke County along the Route 419/Electric Road corridor appear to be particularly hard hit. These areas include residential neighborhoods in the area of Tanglewood Mall and around Brambleton Avenue. Some, but not all, of the crimes appear to be related.

The crimes have mostly occurred during the day while people are away at work or school. The items taken include jewelry, laptops, and cash. In many of the cases, the suspects are entering homes by knocking out the glass in a backdoor.

Roanoke County Community Policing Coordinator Eric Orange offers the following advice to homeowners:

Report suspicious activity or vehicles to 911 immediately

  • Keep your doors and windows locked and valuables out of sight
  • Ensure that your security systems are updated and in working order
  • If you have a safe or locking drawers use them to secure valuables

Officer Orange regularly gives presentations to groups and civic leagues on ways to keep your home and business safe. If you’d like to schedule an appointment he can be reached at 540-777-8651.