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The City of Roanoke is well underway in preparing for the impending snowstorm and transportation officials have recommendations ahead of the first snowflake. Velvet Hall has details:

City reminds residents about snow removal process

Roanoke, VA – The City of Roanoke reminds residents that while crews will be working around the clock to clear city streets; it may take some time to get all of the roads clear.

Priorities for clearing are in the following order: arterial streets, Valley Metro bus routes, school bus routes, and then residential streets.

Residents should be aware that because of the magnitude of the storm, it may take crews longer to get to neighborhood streets.  The city’s goal is to have 95 percent of the arterial streets cleared within 24 hours after the snowfall ends.

To give crews a better opportunity to clear snow from the streets, citizens are asked to do the following:

• Park in driveways wherever possible.

• If not possible, and parking presently occurs on both sides of a street, park on one side of the street only (the side with odd-numbered houses).

• In situations where there is not enough space to park all cars on one side of the street, do not park directly across from another car (avoid creating a bottleneck).

• Call 2-1-1 for questions about snow removal or general information about weather-related conditions.