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The Regional Shelter for Animal Care and Protection says it has has reached full capacity for large dogs, and both strays and others available for adoption. Shelter officials suggest this is a good time to come out to the facility on Baldwin Avenue if you have thought recently about pet adoption.

News release: Roanoke, VA – The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection has reached capacity for large dogs. Kennels for both stray dogs and dogs available for adoption are full at this time. If you are missing your dog companion, please visit the shelter located at 1510 Baldwin Ave. NE, to see if your dog is at there. Anyone interested in adopting a dog is also encouraged to visit the shelter so that the kennel space can be made available for the additional dogs that are brought in. The RCACP is your local, tax-funded intake shelter. Dogs that are brought into the shelter must be kept by law for the required stray hold time, which is either five or 10 days, depending on the information that is brought in with the animal. If you are missing your pet, now is the time to come to the shelter to ensure that your pet is safely reunited with you.
Additionally, if you are looking for a new best friend, please come to the shelter and let us help you find that match. By adopting the dogs that are available, it frees up space for stray dogs that are off their stray hold to be made available for adoption as well. The animals at RCACP are our community animals that need the community to help them. Please show your support by either claiming your lost pet or adopting those animals that are available.