Roanoke County Police arrested a man for assaulting them at a traffic stop – and he had no connection to it. Police say 24-year-old Matthew Brunstetter pulled up as police conducted a routine stop on I-581 and started approaching officers in a combative stance. Police say they arrested and handcuffed him, at which point Brunstetter allegedly kicked an officer. He is charged with felony assault and battery.

From Roanoke County Police: At approximately 1:00 Wednesday afternoon, a Roanoke County Police officer was conducting a routine traffic stop on southbound I‐581 near Exit 3C after observing a driver speeding. During the stop, a vehicle pulled up behind the officer’s vehicle and a male subject got out of the car and began approaching the officer. The officer questioned what the male subject was doing but he did not respond. The male took a combative stance and the officer pulled out his Taser and commanded the male to get on the ground. The male complied with the officer’s commands. The officer did not deploy his Taser. After the officer handcuffed the male, he began kicking the officer in the leg. Other officers arrived and the male was taken to the Roanoke City Jail. The male subject is identified as 24‐year old Matthew Evan Brunstetter. He is charged with Felony Assault and Battery on a Police Officer. There were no injuries. Police believe this was a random assault and there is no connection between the traffic stop and Brunstetter’s actions.