Photo: FCSO

NEWS RELEASE: Based on the recent story in reference to Michael Brown possibly hiding in the RV when law enforcement was present, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has prepared a statement:

“We have been aware of that rumor since Brown was arrested. We have been investigating that information and cannot confirm that Brown was in the RV at the time. We are currently unaware of any surveillance video from the impound lot in Roanoke. This is an ongoing criminal investigation and we will continue to investigate any new information that becomes available.”

PREVIOUS: WSLS-10 is reporting that Franklin County murder suspect Michael Brown was hiding in the RV found near the Grandin Village last month as law enforcement searched the vehicle. Brown’s attorney Deborah Caldwell-Bono says her client was hiding, behind a cabinet, somewhere near the top of the vehicle during the search and when it was towed to a lot five miles away. Officials with the US Marshals Service say they are aware of the “rumor” but would not confirm if it was true.