Ralph NorthamFrom the office of Ralph Northam: Richmond, VA – Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam’s campaign announced today that he raised over $1 million in his first year as a candidate for governor. After announcing his intentions to run in February 2015, the Lieutenant Governor has solidified support in the Democratic Party and gained financial backing across Virginia. Throughout 2015, the campaign brought in over 9,000 contributions. 92% of the funds came from within the Commonwealth and the average contribution was $111. In an effort to strengthen the Party, Northam spent much of his political time in 2015 promoting Democratic candidates. He both raised and directly contributed over $100,000 in races across the Commonwealth. Even after his party building efforts, the candidate will report over $720,000 cash on hand.

The numbers Between the candidate’s committee and political action committee, Stronger Together PAC, Northam will report $1,005,278.48 total raised in 2015. Candidate committees report every 6 months in non-election years, while political action committees report quarterly.

Northam for Governor 2015 total – $660,780.10 6 Month total – $319,354.57 Cash on hand – $616,844.66 Stronger Together PAC 2015 total – $344,498.38 4th Quarter total – $84,986.72 Cash on hand – $103,567.69