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GoRail locomotive (Norfolk Southern Twitter)

GoRail locomotive
(Norfolk Southern Twitter)

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) _ A one-of-a-kind locomotive is being added to Norfolk Southern’s fleet. The Norfolk, Va.-based railroad company unveiled the locomotive this week to commemorate the 10th anniversary of GoRail.

GoRail is a non-profit grassroots organization founded in 2004 that educates the public about the benefits of moving more freight by rail.

The locomotive features a paint scheme combining the infinity lines of the Norfolk Southern livery with the tracks of the GoRail logo. It was painted in Altoona, Pa., by 14 Norfolk Southern employees using 60 gallons of primer and paint over a 40-hour period.

The locomotive joins Norfolk Southern’s 30th anniversary fleet of 20 non-traditional locomotives painted in the schemes of predecessor railroad companies and a locomotive painted to honor veterans.

GoRail Locomotive (Norfolk Southern Twitter)

GoRail Locomotive
(Norfolk Southern Twitter)