Taubman-MuseumThe Taubman Museum of Art is turning its gift shop into Roanoke’s first year-round Christmas shop. Executive Director Della Watkins says it’s called the “Taubman Christmas Corner.” It’s open now and will have seasonal items all year, many made from local artists. The shop already has ornaments featuring the Dr. Pepper sign and the Mill Mountain Star. Hear more from Della Watkins:11-19 taubman for web-WEB

From the Taubman Museum:

Taubman Museum of Art Launches Taubman Christmas Corner

Featuring Seasonal, Artisan, and Roanoke-inspired Merchandise

Imported items are fair trade, and many items are made of recyclable materials.

Merchandise Highlights:

* Elegant Roanoke Star ornaments, with a brief history of the Star

* “Santa Pants,” small and large, are snazzy gift bags or wine caddies

* Holiday ornaments made of handmade papers with embedded seeds that can be planted in the spring.

* Recycled African wares, made from washed up rubber and plastic, that help clean up Kenyan beaches

* Sparkling and adorable beaded ornaments imported from Guatemala

* Hand blown glass ornaments made in Egypt

* Burlap stockings and artful stocking stuffers

Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am-5pm and Thursdays and first Fridays 5-9pm. Museum members receive 10% off all purchases.