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From the Taubman Museum:

Taubman Museum of Art Launches Taubman Christmas Corner

Featuring Seasonal, Artisan, and Roanoke-inspired Merchandise

Imported items are fair trade, and many items are made of recyclable materials.

Merchandise Highlights:

* Elegant Roanoke Star ornaments, with a brief history of the Star

* “Santa Pants,” small and large, are snazzy gift bags or wine caddies

* Holiday ornaments made of handmade papers with embedded seeds that can be planted in the spring.

* Recycled African wares, made from washed up rubber and plastic, that help clean up Kenyan beaches

* Sparkling and adorable beaded ornaments imported from Guatemala

* Hand blown glass ornaments made in Egypt

* Burlap stockings and artful stocking stuffers

Store hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10am-5pm and Thursdays and first Fridays 5-9pm. Museum members receive 10% off all purchases.