UPDATE:  WDBJ7’s parent company and Dish Network reached an eleveth-hour agreement Thursday night on a new deal that keeps Channel 7 on the Dish lineup. Negotiators had faced a midnight deadline.


Dish Network and WDBJ7 offer sharply differing accounts for what’s getting in the way of a new agreement. Unless they reach one by midnight, Dish will have to remove Channel 7 from its lineup — at least temporarily. Dish says the dispute centers around the “Hopper”, which automatically skips recorded network commercials. Channel 7 says it’s simply about basic rights fees for their programming. WFIR’s Evan Jones has the story.

Here is our Wednesday story with WDBJ-7 General Manager Jeffrey Marks:

Click here for WDBJ7’s web page addressing current negotiations.

Click here for Dish Network’s web page addressing current negotiations.