Roanoke County PoliceFrom Roanoke County Police: (Roanoke County, VA) – Roanoke County Police arrested Mark Andrew Edwards, 44, of Roanoke, on an outstanding warrant on 10/13/2016. Detectives were conducting follow-up investigations related to the string of southwest County burglaries. Mr. Edwards was known to the detectives and at that time for being wanted on an arrest warrant for larceny from the City of Roanoke. After Mr. Edwards was recognized in a vehicle, the vehicle was stopped. Mr. Edwards was arrested on the City warrant. Subsequently, property found in the vehicle was later connected to a burglary that had occurred on Cotton Hill Rd earlier in the day. Edwards has been charged with one count of Breaking and Entering and one count of Grand Larceny. Police are investigating whether or not Edwards is connected to other burglaries in the area.