(From Mama Jean’s BBQ Facebook page)

It’s your last week for a while to get Mama Jean’s, but the owner says they’re hoping to be back soon in a new location. WFIR’s Emma Thomas has details on the future home of Mama Jean’s Barbecue:

Statement From the Operators of Mama Jean’s BBQ: This is our last week at 2545 Sanford Avenue in Roanoke. We will be off until Memorial Day weekend. We will then reopen at 3404 Brandon Ave in Roanoke (the old Jimmy Vs) with the same type service. First come first serve, walk up style, outside seating. We are currently planning our build out. When it is done, we will open inside. The building is not ready for the public to eat inside, currently. There is no working kitchen etc. We have a ton of work that needs to be done. We are here for it and we are ready. We are so excited to be able to announce this today. We would like to thank Carey Shaffner, Realtor for being an amazing real estate agent (without him this would not have happened) and the wonderful folks at Bank of Botetourt …you know who you are, THANK YOU. Onward and upward!