Kentucky Floods

The Jefferson Center says it has no immediate plans to cancel or reschedule any events, and so far, no scheduled performers have indicated they will postpone or cancel. The center says it will accommodate any ticket holders, especially those considered high-risk by providing refunds or credits toward a future event.

NEWS RELEASE: Jefferson Center has no immediate plans to cancel or reschedule any events, nor have we received notice from any of our scheduled performers or their management for postponement or cancellation. However, we are prepared for this possibility.

We will continue to monitor the situation, seek guidance and best practices from the appropriate health authorities and share additional information as warranted. In the event that a performance or event is canceled, purchasers will be informed via email and/or phone call. We will also post notifications on the event pages of our website, on our social networks, and update the voice recording in the box office when necessary.

We request that any patron, performer, student, tenant, or any other member of the Jefferson Center family who does not feel well, exhibits signs of infection, or has been in proximity to infected persons avoid entering the premises.

Jefferson Center is prepared to accommodate ticket holders, especially those categorized as high risk (older adults and people with chronic medical conditions according to the CDC) by providing refunds or credit toward a future event.